Musical Genius or Inspired Eccentric? Ang Low Aims High for 2020.

There was a time when music seemed full of not just talent but personalities which made you question whether they were even human. David Bowie; Freddie Mercury; Prince; Lady GaGa, stars whose very essence pushed them into popular consciousness before the music even enters the equation. Those times are starting to feel further and further away but every once in a while, a performer crops up on the radar that seems to exist outside the real world and that has crossed over from another dimension.

If Ang Low didn’t exist, you’d be given funny looks for inventing him. An almost impossible to conceive balance of thrilling soulful vocals and an image which screams at you millimeters from your face, he is the antidote to the parade of bland individuals who seemingly populate every musical genre in the 21st century. Ang has already received praise from such redoubtable vessels as Clash and Wonderland but his new material looks to push him into even more mainstream territory.

His latest track is Like I Do, a beaty, sultry affair with an accompanying video seeing a gowned Ang on fire in a desert in Saudi Arabia. This is one of his more sedate outings. His eye-popping outfits may threaten to burn your retinas but it’s his music which stays with you – an unforced Stevie Wonder timbre with elements of Blood Orange and the waywardness of Frank Ocean. An absolute breakout star if ever there was one, if Ang Low doesn’t make it big, it’s your own fault.

Ang Low’s Album, “UP” is released on 22nd February







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