The Unearthly Soundtracks of Possimiste

Having music appear from the unlikeliest places in the world is nothing new and since the interweb opened up the stage to even the most remote spot, no-one can realistically say they can’t be heard. Possimiste, like her/its music, takes this to another level. By Possimiste’s own admission, she realised in her early teens that she actually came to Earth from the Sirius star system – turn left and it’s 8.6 light years away.

Able to express herself musically since the age of three, Leeni – her human name – came to realise that it was during the dream state of sleep that music came to her fully formed. Ages 15, Leeni – living in Estonia – was visited at night by a human/bat hybrid called Lulu which landed on her forehead. Now entwined into her life as her logo, it was the dawning of her understanding of her origins, with her nighttime visitations of the mysterious Possimiste delivering her songs on a regular basis.

Cut forward a few years and Leeni/Possimiste is now based in Iceland, renowned around the world for her fairytale pop, which has seen her music used by such heavy-hitters as Vogue and The Wall Street Journal, as well as racking up zillions of listens across all the usual avenues. Her latest adventure sees her scoring the short LGBTQ+ film, Butterfly, an appropriately off-kilter love story which has been based around her song, Butterfly Lullaby.

Written and directed by Ian Armer (“ Mad Gods and Englishmen”, “Introspectum Motel”), in addition to Possimiste, Butterfly features a great
lineup of actors including Kerry Newton (“Tribal – Get out alive”, “Autopsy: Last hours of Chyna”), Chris Gunter (“Rule The World”), Neal Gavyn (“The Dream House”) and the rising Canadian star Annalia Fraser.

“The song BUTTERFLY LULLABY suggested so much to me. It opened a world of possibilities. The more I listened, the more I immersed myself into how the song made me feel and the images it evoked”.

“The main thrust of BUTTERFLY was our fear of change. Most people prefer to stay caterpillars, forever in the safety of their cocoon, thinking “this peace is what I have worked hard for.” Of course, life is not like
that. We all must change and grow, but for those who cannot readily accept change in themselves or in others the process can be painful and traumatic”.

Having won awards such as the winner of UK Amazing Radio’s Alternative Eurovision, “Most Original Songand Best Vocalsat the Recording Festivaland been nominated for Single of the Yearat Radio FM’s Radio Head Awards. Possimiste’s full-length debut album Youniverse will see daylight in 2020.








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