El Salvador’s Steady Rollin’ Emerge as Saviours of Blues Rock

Of all the musicals styles, blues rock seems to have been the one missed by the revolving tastes of time. Beyond White Stripes and The Black Keys, both of whom it could be said look more specifically towards garage rock and The Rolling Stones respectively, are two of the few exceptions but where are the rightful heirs to Cream; Led Zep; Little Feat?

Wonder no longer…though the reason why you’ve not been aware is understandable once you realise where they’ve been hiding.

El Salvador is not necessarily the first place you’d look: the smallest nation within Central America, it’s not traditionally been known as a melting pot of musical talent but all that seems set to be turned on its head with Steady Rollin’, a three-piece blues rock band who are heavy on riffs and melody and an extremely overdue return to genuine musicianship and song-craft.

Comprising Benjamin Andrade (drums and vocals); Gerardo Pardo (bass); and Fernando Poma (guitar and lead vocals),  Fernando’s songs are his vehicle to share his lifetime experiences with lyrics written to inspire and intrigue. Well worth keeping an eye on,

Facebook: www.facebook.com/steadyrollinband

You Tube: www.youtube.com/SteadyRollinBand

Instagram: www.instagram.com/steadyrollinband

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2f7imcAJGFFABC2Y7dHtK2?si=dL9VtraOSjeC79kIMtOnkg 

Website: www.steadyrollinband.com

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