Call to Arms to Challenge Mental Health Stigma

It’s difficult to convey to those whom it hasn’t effected exactly how distressing and debilitating mental health issues can be. The assumption that it’s the equivalent of ‘getting out of the wrong side of bed’ or that you just need to cheer up is about as far removed from the isolation and turmoil the sufferer is tormented by as possible. Similarly, the idea that all mental health issues are essentially one and the same is waaay off the mark. PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – is a condition which can particularly affect not just the person in question but the loved ones around them.

There are many ways in which sufferers can find themselves with PTSD – emergency workers; doctors; victims of crime, for example but those working in the armed services in particular are often left to face ‘normal’ society severely affected by their national duty. The Singing Soldiers is a project which attempts to both shed light on the condition and the give a positive message to those suffering that there is hope, however lonely and precarious the situation may currently seem.

For music fans there is also good news! Forget the images you no doubt already harbour of tuxedos, slushy cover versions and fluff, this is top-notch close harmony country (think Eagles), with a dash of grit and a slosh of humour thrown into the guys themselves, the very amiable Graham Trude and Chris Earl. First single should be available early November, well worth keeping an eye out for.






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