Snowflake Support?

I’ve seen some amazing support bands over the years…and it is a lot of years…some I was expecting to see, others which were surprises, in some shape or form. Some support acts have genuinely performed more exciting and memorable sets than the more illustrious headliners. I’ve bought their merch, bought their records and extolled the virtues of them to all and sundry. I’ve also seen some absolute rotters. Appalling, tone-deaf, up-themselves chancers who have been given a free ride courtesy of the associated record label or by virtue of being mates with the headliner. Did I politely applaud out of chin-stroking respect? No, I booed until my internal organs threatened to fly out of my mouth.

Why should we be quiet during an event we’ve paid significantly to go to? Who do these people think they are? They are not – and sorry to deflate their balloon here – ‘artists’. What they are doing is at not stage ‘art’, neither has it been requested by the attendees – at best they are an added bonus – at worst a massive inconvenience. It’s entertainment – be entertaining and people will pay attention. The idea you can appear unheralded on-stage and expect strangers to sit cross-legged and in silence and listen to some self-involved acoustic drivel and expect rapturous applause is misguided and outrageous. If you’re any good, people will listen – how about that, eh?

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