The Battle Against Loneliness

Sometimes referred to as “the invisible disease”, loneliness in society is far more prevalent in society than you may imagine. Whether it’s a single mum, student, carer, widower or lighthouse operative (possibly a little niche), there are countless people for whom the rest of the world is something of an enigma. Cornish-based singer-songwriter, Nick Battle, is looking to bring these groups together, giving those who have lost touch with the world around them a community to become a part of:

‘If we each just practised on a daily basis one random act of kindness, or a word of

affirmation to someone, our communities would be happier place to live in.

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you live. If we want to make the world a better

place, we must learn to practice kindness and not be afraid to be inclusive.

Yes, you may get the odd rebuttal or cynical remark, but you’ve just got to roll with it.

The good will always out way the bad, and right now we need that more than ever before’


Using the lyrics of The Beatles’ “Eleanor Rigby” (all the lonely people etc) as something of a call to arms, it’s a typically magnanimous act by an artist who has spent his career in the music industry, regularly performing the unrecognised roles, leaving others to take the public adulation.

Drawing upon the classic singer-songwriters whom have influenced him throughout his life, not least the unique Nick Lowe, Battle’s contribution to the music industry throughout his life has been enormous, from songwriter to the stars to adventures with legendary punks, journalists, female wrestlers and The Spice Girls (not all at the same time!)

Nick Battle’s songs have been recorded by everyone from Michael Ball, Karel Fialka, actress Jane Horrocks, Sir Cliff Richard and Engelbert Humperdinck, as well as writing alongside such luminaries as Chaz Jankel from the Blockheads, Gary Barlow and David Grant but the desire to sing his own songs stills burns strongly. With lyrics telling the stories of his life experience in almost raconteur fashion, his style weaves between classic singer-songwriter (with the added twist of his Sheffield roots) and elements of Country, Americana and Folk.

For this new record, ‘Love is a Long Road’, Battle has kept the same team of musicians, including Phil Baggaley, (Ebb & Flow), Robin Tyndale Biscoe (Martha Tilston) with Rob Bullock playing and producing with additional musicians Harriet Roberts providing wonderful vocals (Tina Turner and Quincy Jones) featured on the title track, Mark Prentice on bass and Mark Edwards on keyboards ( Katie Melua) and Tony Swain mixing (Alison Moyet/ Spandau Ballet/ Michael McDonald) and featuring Kevin Holdgate’s sublime trombone playing from the Newhall Brass Band.

Already receiving radio play across the UK and beyond, it’s an album to pop your slippers on to and forget the woes of the world.

Track Listing:

  1. ‘Just a Little Crazy’
  2. ‘Glass Bottomed Boat’
  3. ‘A New Year in New York’
  4. ‘Love is a Long Road’
  5. ‘I Can’t Say Goodbye’
  6. ‘Black Dog Day’
  7. ‘Wishful Drinking’
  8. ‘Sail On’
  9. ‘Right Out of Bed’
  10. ‘Me & My Son’








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