Andrenachrome – Supercharged Sounds in the Dream World

Adrenochrome, for all its tendencies to crop up in popular culture, is an ACTUAL thing, used to help treat schizophrenia, though its actual properties seem a little woolly. Perhaps it’s because of this that it has found its way into two of the 20th Century’s counter-culture totems – Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and A Clockwork Orange. Disguised in Burgess’ novel as ‘drencrom’ in his made-up language of Nadsat and as itself in Hunter Thompson and Terry Gilliam’s film of Fear and Loathing (though Thompson is adamant he didn’t know it was a real drug), it now makes its third appearance in pop culture, though with a slight tweak to the spelling to prevent any lawsuits!

Andrenachrome are a Lincoln-based duo whose history in the Madchester rave scene of the 1990’s is only occasionally visible. Indeed, it was their experiences in the industry at this time that drove them to opposite sides of the world, Steve Chrome remaining in the UK whilst Sam Souls relocated to Thailand. Time, as they say, is a great healer, and their subsequent reunification has seen them approach their music with a far different mind-set. The first result of their new chapter is The Power of Nightmares, a drifting, brooding, ethereal piece of drum n bass inflected ambient groove and is part of an even more expansive concept album on life, death and the cosmos. Balancing their music creation with a healthy number of tattoos, immersion tanks and mixed martial arts, Andrenachrome are ones to watch.

Released under Electric HusH Records






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