Ten Unusual Dual Careers of Musicians

Unsurprisingly, there are many bands and musicians, in the great scheme of things, who have music as their sole career. With album sales strangled by poorly-paying streaming services and live opportunities sporadically available to the majority, a careful balancing act has to be managed to keep the bills paid and the muse to perform strong. Here are ten examples of musicians mingling with the mortals.

  1. Jonathan Cilia Faro

Not content starting out in Italy’s Special Forces and making the Herculean leap to classical music, Jonathan balances his rapidly rising status in the opera world as a chef and restaurateur of some renown. https://www.jonathancf.com/

2. Mark Arm

Mudhoney’s long-time vocalist might be a garage superstar but he still works a day job…as head of Sub Pop, Mudhoney’s label’s warehouse!

3. Michael Gerald

Noise barons Killdozer might be on an extended hiatus but that’s at least partly because head ‘Dozer, Mr Gerald is also one of Hollywood’s top tax attorneys. True!

4. Peter Garrett

Omnipresent on MTV for what felt like years with his band, Midnight Oil’s huge hit, Beds are Burning, Garrett wasn’t using his political and environmental statements for a gimmick – he’s now in Australia’s House of Representatives.

5. Charles Ives

Considered by many as the Father of American Classical Music, Ives received little respect for his music in his lifetime, though plenty for his work as an insurance salesman, a job he never quit.

6. Allanah Currie

The voluminously-coiffeured Thompson Twin still performs music occasionally, whenever her life as an upholsterer allows

7. David Lovering

Now back in The Pixies, David spent the hibernation years for the band as a scientist-magician. Takes all sorts.

8. Bryan Adams

A musician who really has found the ideal balance – Bryan is much in demand for his celebrated photography skills

9. Bruce Dickinson

No matter how much your brain tells you otherwise, Iron Maiden’s frontman really does fly enormous planes

10. Brian May

You probably wouldn’t trust Bri with your appendix but as a doctor (or astrophysics) you could drop his guitar at the drop of a hat if he so chose

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