Amey St Cyr Joins House Revival

Amey St. Cyr had a record contract almost between her fingers in the early 90’s, with guest appearances on a host of house tracks and lengthy tours as vocalist for several other bands. Sadly, post-natal depression left her completely unable to commit to the rigors which she was expected to fulfill and there followed many years of not just raising her family but struggles with drugs and alcohol. Now, free from her illness and her addiction, she aims to pick up where she left off with her retro-house track, Wild World.

As if to hammer home just how revitalised she now is, Amey is also an actor, most recently appearing in music videos for Krept and Konan, Big Narstie and Mackey Gee. Drawing on a retro house sound, Wild World is a perfect reflection of Amey’s positive outlook on life and a welcome reminder of the club-life of the early 90’s. Having sneaked out to clubs aged 14 whilst her mother was working on nightshifts, the thrill and energy of clubs as well as her love of dancing have left an indelibly positive impression on Amey, which she’s hopes to transfer to a new generation with Wild World.

Amey explains what the track means to her:

“I describe Wild World as a comment on ‘social inequality’, mixed with positive beats and uplifting lyrics to help us all out of the doldrums in these challenging days of austerity”



Instagram: Aletheababy


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