The Resurgence of 90s Alt Rock Gathers Pace with Love Ghost

Once the major labels swarmed into the Pacific North-West, in particular in Seattle, the alt-rock scene was doomed. The wave which carried bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains from their humble beginnings to global behemoths, the DIY ethic and musicians who almost exclusively came from self-taught, hand-to-mouth backgrounds being completely ill-suited to sanitisation and white-washing. As stylised caricatures, the looked as fake as the glam metal stars they themselves had usurped on the front pages of teen magazines. Nearly 30 years on, the world has turned enough that bands are once again embracing the ethic of raw talent and catchy riffs as a means to communicate their often complex messages. One such band is LA’s Love Ghost.

If Love Ghost look like kids, you wouldn’t be far wrong but their lives have already taken in much more than many would in a lifetime. Love Ghost are Finn Bell on vocals and guitar; Mya Greene on viola (yes, viola); Ryan Stevens on bass and Samson Young on drums. Their thread of experience isn’t musical style – their individual passions vary from classical to jazz to metal – it’s their life experiences. With histories of mental health struggles and acceptance by the school system, they have found solace in a collective sound which sees Mya’s viola as their lead guitar, seeping through their tracks sounding uncannily like a mellotron. Finn and Mya’s poetry is added to hooky, punchy verse/chorus collisions to give an insight into their troubles whilst also, hopefully, offer both hope and inspiration to other young people who may feel the world is closing in around them.

Love Ghost will be touring Ireland at the end of the year with more dates expected to be announced very soon. With touches of both Smashing Pumpkins and Nirvana in their sound, a whole new generation can expect to be transported to 1993 very shortly.

On Tour in Ireland Dec 18/Jan 19

27th December – Roisin Dubh, Galway

28th December – Whelan’s Dublin

2nd January – Cleere’s Kilkenny

3rd January – ChezLeFab, Limerick

4th January – Spirit Store, Dundalk

5th January – Crane Lane, Cork









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