Soaring Indie Gloriousness from Simon D.James

We’re pretty sure ‘gloriousness’ is a word.

Simon D. James is anything but a standard singer-songwriter. Though strictly a solo operation, you’d imagine him to be surrounded by a cast of dozens judging by his latest track, “My Everything”, a song which begins innocuously but builds to a towering epic. The track started to take form whilst he spent a brief amount of time in Mexico City working, some downtime with friends leading to an impromptu jam. Returning to the UK with the song’s skeleton assembled, he worked with the chaps at Greenmount Studios, one of Leeds’ best kept secrets located in the catacombs of a church, My Everything is a spectral, hymn-like track which remains overwhelmingly powerful, even after repeated listens.

Born from musical stock (his dad, Brendon, recorded 70s hit, Gimme Some), Simon D. James has sought inspiration for his music whilst travelling the world, whether it be spending time with the Babas of India or the shaman of Latin America. These have led him to working on a number environmental and social projects, from street children to refugees, and now sees him working with young offenders to turn around their lives. This spiritual nature has certainly found its way into his music, with his tracks packed with emotion and yearning, hopeful yet reflecting all aspects of the human condition.

Likened to The National and Broken Social Scene, Simon D. James’ individual interpretation of what the term “indie singer-songwriter” can mean, re-invents it as a powerful force which transcends scenes and trends and reinforces his claims as one of the most alluring musicians around.





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