Kerria Keeps Summer Alive with Night Anthem

With summer now officially being kicked into touch and any memories of warmth already fading into obscurity, you can always rely on music to at least pretend you’re in cheerier times. Born in Israel and now adding to Gibraltar’s surprisingly active music scene, Kerria is one of those artists who is so rigorously straight-ahead poppy dance, that it would take a heart of stone, or at least ears of stone, to deny your foot permission to tap along. Night Now is a track so immediate that you’d sweat it had already been a hit by someone else, such is the crack team of songwriters involved in its creation (she first worked with Grammy Award-winning composer Walter Afanasieff (best known for his work with Mariah Carey and Celine Dion) and is now working with song-writing doyen, Aleena Gibson and producer Fabrizio Sotti (Jennifer Lopez; Q-Tip).

The video which accompanies it is a feast to behold and though we aren’t entirely sure what the message is within it, we wholeheartedly approve



Instagram: @kerriaofficial


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