Rock Star Lures Canadian Nessie from Depths of Lake!

A Canadian rock musician has claimed to have seen a legendary monster near his seaside home – and that he has lured it from the depths when recording his latest material. Previously in the bands Patsy Decline and The Rash, Big Dik Blak (aka George Swan) first witnessed something unusual in Lake Okanagan, a huge freshwater lake in British Columbia earlier this year when recording his latest album, “Welcome to Turtle Island”:

“I had borrowed the Rolling Stones’ mobile recording studio truck that Deep Purple had used back in the day at Montreux. I had shipped it over here in May so I could use it throughout the summer and have it parked on the shoreline overlooking the lake.

I was working on my song “Deep in the Mountain” when I noticed something slowly approaching in the lake. It then stopped. It was there for about twenty minutes and it appeared to be listening! I could see its neck and head. After I stopped playing the creature slowly slid below the surface out of sight. I asked one of the local native Indians what it was and he said “It’s Ogopogo”

I’ve spent the next 2½ months recording and have seen the Ogopogo three more times. Each time I’ve been unable to get a picture as the Ogopogo only comes when I’m playing. The Ogopogo seems very intelligent to me, very calm and very large.  She seems to like the distorted Hammond/Leslie organ run through old tube guitar amp sounds, and of course the old school mono-synths. I’m very happy to have seen her and hope I will again! It was great”

British Columbia has a history of sightings of a legendary sea creature known locally as the Ogopogo, though, these are the first confirmed sightings of the beast since 2011. Considered the Canadian equivalent of the Loch Ness Monster, stories of a monster in the area stretch back as far as the 19th Century, though have been more recently documented since the 1920’s.







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