Paul Hazel goes Back to the Future with Arty Electro-Beats

When Melody Maker declared Paul Hazel, “the future of techno” is 1994, it seemed that was that but, as often happens, the circling sharks chomped away at the opportunity and left Paul with with no enthusiasm to continue with the project.

Skip forwards to today and the Melody Maker is but a distant memory and the curse it cast on Paul dispelled as, with the encouragement of his music technology students, his original hit in the making, Test Pattern Redux, finally rises from the ashes. It does indeed feel like it has matured over the years and with some new love from remixer Ray Saul, maybe Paul was so ahead of his time that it was always destined to be a hit in 2018!

It hasn’t been complete radio silence since the 90’s – Radio 3 gave their patronage to his Swansea Laptop Orchestra in 2005, featuring a session by him and his interest within the field of arts has only increased his commitment to music this time around.

Paul Hazel will launch ‘Test Pattern Redux’ at Swansea International Festival Fringe on October 5.

Check it out below:





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