Pocket Gods – World Cup Winners’ Hangover

To mark this seemingly prophetic (and slightly inebriated)  vision, the band have released a single to help the nation to deal with its most massive of hangovers that they hope will take place the day after the final on July 16th!

Labour leader, and Arsenal fan, Jeremy Corbyn has suggested to the Prime Minister, a non Football fan,  (she has a few other things on her mind), that the government should grant an extra bank holiday upon us lifting the hallowed Jules Rimet  trophy thing!Even if  his request is not succesful the country will be suffering as a whole the next day and John Peel’s fave London indie popsters’ have recorded this single to help  with the massive comedown that will inevitably hit both Gareth’s men, and the country as a whole. As 90’s songster should have sang: “The Only Way Is Down’ once you have reached such highs,

The track is taken from their new album 100X30 World Cup! which is the 6th in their series of 100×30 albums which all feature 100 songs 30 seconds long.

The first 3 of the 100X30 albums are featured in this year’s Guinness Book Of Records alongside such musical greats as The Beatles, David Bowie and Justin Bieber!

The idea behind the 30 second song was that streaming services such as Spotify pay out a very small royalty to artists once a song reaches 30 seconds and then no more. So the Maverick frontman thought why give them longer for free? Why not, as an artist, adapt the songwriting form to the media of today.

Lee was inspired by US Music Professor Dr. Mike Errico who questioned why pop songwriters were still writing 3 minute pop songs, as this length was partly inspired by the duration you could get on a side of 7 inch vinyl. Indeed Lee took this very seriously and went away and recorded the first of the 100X30 albums which gained a lot of exposure in Billboard, Forbes, Wall St Journal and ITV News as well as worldwide radio play including BBC 6 Music recommended album of the month by renowned indie DJ Steve Lamacq.

Lee’s aim is simply to reinvent the pop song into a 30 second format, with short catchy hooks and messages ideal for the Youtube Spotify generation who are constantly skipping and searching for new music after 30 seconds.

The beauty of this album is that if you don’t like one song then you don’t have long to wait for the next one to come around.

The Pocket Gods were originally discovered by the late BBC DJ John Peel and have been championed by the likes of Tom Robinson (BBC 6 Music) & Huw Stephens from BBC Radio 1.

Spotify @thepocketgods

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