Alice’s Night Circus Offers Limitless Entertainment

Alice’s Night Circus, as you might imagine from the name, is not your straight ahead musical happening. Forget your generic ramblings and moanings, to auto-tuned humdrum, this is grand theatre by way of Kate Bush with a detour via Florence and the Machine, with a seemingly endless tangle of avenues to explore.

Your musical guide is Julia Scott, a Sheffield-born artist who blends her love of physical performance with her passion for storytelling and the Steampunk revelry of modern day colliding with age-old tradition. Lead track, The Show Must Go On is symptomatic of the grandiose.

The main attraction of Alice’s Night Circus is undoubtedly her staggering vocals, which have evoked favourable comparisons with powerhouse vocalists such as Florence and the Machine and Shirley Bassey, both deliciously poppy and extravagantly operatic.The classical training she received whilst growing up has informed both her singing and her music, which bears traces of opera, musicals, jazz, prog rock and symphonic metal. Backed by churning guitars, swathes of portentous synths and the ethereal thrum of a theremin, it’s heady stuff.

Though utterly beguiling in its own right, it is in the Steampunk arena where Julia first made her mark. She made her debut live appearance under the Alice pseudonym at the world’s largest and longest running Steampunk festival called The Asylum in Lincoln, where she now resides. Having taken inspiration from the awe-inspiring visuals and beguiling theatrics of the community, Julia begun to create her own costumes and accessories for live shows and Steampunk events. Furthermore, she’ll appear as herself and Alice as part of Gary Nicholls’ Imaginarium trilogy, an expansive, deluxe photography project centered around Steampunks.

Limited edition vinyl editions of her album are sure to be snapped up by eager collectors, whilst live shows promise to live up to every bit of drama that the album hints at. Definitely one not to miss out on.







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