BBC Banned From Playing Tribute to Sir Cliff Richard

In a frankly magnificent chain of events, the tables have been turned on the bastion of British media, the BBC, and they have been banned from playing a new single on the radio. Incensed at the treatment by the broadcaster in the recent times, most recently in their ludicrous coverage on the ill-founded police raid on his property whilst he was out of the country, Punkadelic champions, Wartoad, have recorded a cover version of Cliff‘s first hit, Move It, with all profits going to Hacked Off, the campaign for protection against media intrusion.

It’s sixty years since, Move It, Cliff’s debut single, reached number two in the UK charts. As such, it’s a very serious contender to be the first rock n roll hit to have emerged from outside the USA – it’s easy to forget, that far from the cuddly image many have of him, back in the day he was a very genuine rival to Elvis, with fans going doolally wherever he appeared. It therefore felt appropriate for Wartoad, a band who combine elements from the sixties and seventies, from psychedelia to punk, to pay tribute to a man without whom, as they say, this wouldn’t have been possible. Their cover of the track, though typically unconventional, shows how Cliff’s influence continues to inspire.

All proceeds from the sale of the single will go to Hacked Off, the campaign founded to protect peoples’ rights in the face of press intrusion and unsubstantiated reporting. Calling on Cliff fans and music fans worldwide, rhythm guitarist, Butch Dante

“The time is now to celebrate one of the most inspirational music artists in modern music,” says Butch Dante, declared,

“From The Beatles to Motorhead, we’ve all looked to Cliff and now it’s time to repay the debt of gratitude. Plus, our video has Susan Hampshire in it. And she’s totally hot.”

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