Under the Covers with…Ikkarus

Aha! It’s been a while. Mexican grunge-funk (grunk?) band, Ikkarus, tell us their fantasy contractually obligated covers album track listing. Enjoy!

  1. Come Undone, by Duran Duran.

It’s one of the first songs that shaped our taste for music when we were little, since our closest relatives listened to this band a lot.

  1. Like a Stone, by Audioslave.

Anthem of an after high school/flight school era. Great memories from these times. Chris Cornell, along with Eddie Vedder where Javier’s first attempts at playing with microphones.

  1. Hurt, by Nine Inch Nails.

One of those little jewels we found on our early, musical quest. It represents a lot of our attitudes towards life when we were younger.

  1. Sour Times, by Portishead.

The sound vibe of this band is a huge influence on all of us. To Dave, it marked a very different but great proposal within the Alternative Rock genre. It’s also the song through which he got to know the band.

  1. Glory Box, by Portishead.

Love this song!

  1. Black, by Pearl Jam.

This band is one of our favourites ever. Their musical style, the powerful and yet emotional voice of Eddie Vedder was something that just hit all of us from the first listen. This song is particularly sad and is there anyone in the world who could not identify with it? It was also one of Javier’s first attempts in life at singing. When he started driving, it would always be loud music and singing to it. This song was played thousands of times.

It also represents the musical influence Dave’s uncle had on him.

It was one of the first songs Ikkarus covered when they started working together.

  1. Yellow Ledbetter, by Pearl Jam.

Also covered by Ikkarus.

  1. When the Levee Breaks, by Led Zeppelin (-but- the A Perfect Circle version)

The vibe of this version is very strong. It just has something of an unbearable nostalgia and sadness. It’s one of the songs that “soundtracked” Javier’s time in Santiago de Chile. Listening to that song is going back -even if it’s just for a second- to that time, to that place, to that smell and to a very particular, deep feeling of uncertainty about the future.

  1. 3 Libras, by A Perfect Circle.

Dave got to know APC through this song. He was impressed with the mixture of musical styles and atmospheres contained in it. He found the whole style so peculiar and yet so defined it becomes unmistakeable. That’s APC to him.

  1. We’re in This Together, by Nine Inch Nails.

To Javier, it’s just a sound blow to the senses. It has a great mixture of this really fuelled rock, a dark sound and at the same time it is a song about love and sacrifice. NIN also has such a defined sound… One of our favourite bands ever, too. All the love, all the hatred, all the darkness, the spiritual crisis, all that longing for something good, condensed purely into such great music…


Our guest artist would be either Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails, or Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam. Since the question dictates only ONE, we would go with Eddie Vedder because of the Stains & Echoes current, overall musical style.


But for the upcoming darker music (and next 10 cover-track album –ha!- we’ll be bothering Mr Reznor!)

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