Picture This – Indie Darlings, Mosaic, Release New Single, “Rio”

You may not know the name yet, but Mosaic, an almost disturbingly happy collective formed in Guildford, are ready to release “Rio”, a catchy slither of indie juiciness which threatens to catapult them straight into the inkies, the glossies and all points inbetweenies.

“Rio” may sound eyebrow-raisingly similar to Franz Ferdinand in places but the energy and incisiveness of the vocals are more than enough to carry you off to dark sweaty indie clubs on a Friday night. Little is more suggestive of the problems of the world flying out of the window where they belong than the grinning, staggering barminess of Friday night revelry funded by a tenner or less. It’s this determination to enjoy every second that drives “Rio” along: although they are as ear-catching as bands like The Kooks and The 1975, it’s actually the carefree promise that early 90s Brit Pop offered that springs to mind most readily. In troubled times, Mosiac are the antidote the UK music scene, and the country as a whole, badly needs.

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