NaveBlues turn the Harmonica into the New Flying V Axe!

Impervious to whatever trends the media are insisting are the way forward in music, NaveBlues are a breath of fresh air – despite their roots being in the early part of the 20th century.

A Norwegian blues-rock band might not immediately seem like the tonic the music scene was so badly crying out for, but that’s part of their charm. In Nave Pundik, they have a secret weapon a Bond villain would be proud of. Not only a charismatic frontman, he has turned the lost art of harmonica-playing into a startling reminder that music of the most simple kind can often be the most effective.

With two guitars, a bass and drummer, they clearly have little time (or space) for synths and cyber contraptions, concentrating on instruments that allow them to impart their passion and emotion. There can be fewer better demonstrations of how a musical instrument can come alive with its own personality and that of its player than Nave’s harp-playing, a world-beating masterclass in riffs, solos and otherworldly howling. Check out their latest offering below and be bewitched.

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