Godly Catchy Modern Soul from Adonis

Well, there’s nothing like being subtle, eh? Originally from New York, Adonis’ family relocated to California and became the base from which his interest in music began.

After performing in local bands and at high school, as the template demands, he decided to specialise musically, which, it has transpired, was his masterstroke. Taking up the bass guitar, he learned from tutor, Herb Mickman, even today considered one of the best teachers in the business. Though influenced by Motown, he developed a style that was more in keeping with the experimental sounds of Sly & the Family Stone and Earth, Wind & Fire – ironically, it was their legendary guitarist, Al McKay who spotted Adonis’ talent and took him under his creative wing.

Having the opportunity to learn his song-writing craft, as well as studying the studio and recording aspects of the industry at college, Adonis had a somewhat nomadic ‘man for hire’ career before striking out, as you do, on his own. Have there being any musical folk called Adonis before? If there has, we’re still claiming our Adonis is the best of them. His latest track, My Different Lover, is a swoon-worthy slither of blissful, classic soul – no silly messing about, just straight ahead top quality stuff, driven along by his hugely impressive bass guitar playing. We love it. You will too. Well done everyone concerned.

Pre-order on I-Tunes here: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/my-different-lover-single/id1287236160

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