Souli Roots Aims High With New Single

…and when we say high, we mean it. A reasonable chart position? A few new followers on social media? No, reggae and soul artist, Souli is aiming for both a festive number one single with a side order of world peace. Yes, with her latest track, World Peace Expression, she channels all of the protest singers of times past, from the political activists of all sides to those fighting for freedom and against war, this is the big one – every nation holding hands and skipping trough the fields of wheat…no, not fields of wheat, that was someone else…through the tulips…no…anyway, there’ll be skipping and joy and what-have-you.

This is actually genuinely sincere and heart-warming, a selfless release which only aims to promote good, through its hypnotic rhythms and transcendent chants, a lesson to all the young pups shouting about the colour of their shoelaces. Bravo.




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