Straight Outta Bingley – The Sheratons Bring Back Classic Indie Pop

Remember the hazy, jasmine-scented days of 1984? I’m not sure I do either but you can close your eyes and listen to The Sheratons’ debut single and get pretty close. The Sheratons have all the indie pop guitar jangle without the glum faces, in fact, their fresh-faced, upbeat ear worms are just the tonic for a musical landscape which is continually insisting we take everything very seriously.

The Sheratons comprise of Kane Bulleyment (lead guitar and vocals), James Jowett (bass guitar and vocals), Finley Ryan (rhythm guitar and vocals) and Emma Liu (drums). “Better Days” has a guitar twang that hits you like an flicked finger to the ear and a bouncing rhythm section which never lets up, but it’s the chorus which will have you coming back again and again – gorgeous floating harmonies and Kane’s rich croon evoking long school holidays, ice cream vans and making dens. Delirously happy pop from a band that the world desperately needs.

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