Mavis Victory Project Issue Triumphant New Track

With no fewer than four brothers in their ranks, Mavis Victory Project release their new single on September 22nd, a deliciously impossible to categorise slice of…um…lots of things. A bit indie; a bit dancey; a bit funky; a lot head-spinning, it’s a track which nibbles away at your ears in the nicest possible way.

With influences including Arctic Monkeys; Kanye West and ScHoolboy Q, Mavis Victory Project is the musical equivalent of joining a cult – once you’re in, you wonder how you ever managed without. The video to “Baby, Don’t Go Away” is just as arresting as their sound; with girls, gangs and clandestine weirdery. Shot in North London, it could just as easily have been made in the personal caverns of a sadistic warlock. Enjoy.


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