Under the Covers with…Nej!Las

The first in a new series of articles where new and established artists are thrust into the future to compile their fantasy album and festival line-ups

You’re on your fourth album with a major label – they insist you do a covers album. Please select the ten tracks you’d ideally like to cover, along with a brief explanation as to why that artist or track means something to you.


  1. Mains Groan by No Mana.

No Mana is one of my biggest inspirations; his music also carries a lot of movement and has a very “live” feel to it. His drums and his techno are out of this world.


  1. Bombers Over Ibiza (Junkie XL Remix) by Hans Zimmer.

No one could ever do a cover of Hans Zimmer without the cover coming in second to the original. No-one should mess with perfection. However, knowing that, it could just be fun to try. The Junkie XL Remix made it on the soundtrack for The Dark Knight Rises. It is already a heavily electronic song and it would be fun to take the electronics in the song into a different direction.


  1. Heartbeat by Childish Gambino.

Gambino is brilliantly creative and original. His music represents and enforces brand. Heartbeat has lyrics (and a pumping beat) that could very much sit well in a techno/electro version. It would be fun to play with the song and create a remix that follows the dark grooves the original carries.


  1. Diluted Brains by Rezz.

I would call Rezz an inspiration, but she is so brilliant and original I feel like I couldn’t even come close to mimicking her sound. Diluted Brains is such a raw song it speaks to you on an inner level. Her low bpms just resonate heavily with one’s emotions. A low bpm song (which is opposite of what I usually do) with minimal tracks, but original, creative, sounds would be pushing my boundaries in a good way.


  1. Reach For the Dead by Boards of Canada.

 This song also heavily resonates with me. It comes with a deep solemn feeling. The bass kick can move a person by itself. It is a perfect example of how a producer doesn’t need many tracks to make a deeply moving and emotional song.


  1. As Tave Myliu by Enzo Bennet.

Enzo Bennet is going places. He creatively combines electro harmonies with minimalistic techno beats that creates a fun, creative, original cross-over of genres.


  1. Conduction (Santiago & Bushido’s Remix) by Johnny Fiasco.

 I love this song; it’s what I think of when I think of techno. It’s fun, it gets one to move, and it’s a good example of original sounds.


  1. Neverdeader (feat. Brooks) by BlackGummy.

I think this song is genius. The bpm change in the middle moves one to the core. It’s very cool. A creative way of changing up a song.


  1. The Difference Between Us by The Dead Weather.

Making a cover of a band that is typically blues rock would be fun and creative. The melodic elements are very electronic. I tend to gravitate towards having almost a guitar-like synth (overdriven and distorted) featured in my songs. If I were to do a cover of this song, I would explore such synth sounds more heavily and try and make almost a rock/blue type of electronic production.


  1. Telemiscommunications by deadmau5.

I challenge everyone to listen to the song stripped of the lyrics (known as “community nap” and is unreleased, but can be found on YouTube). The drive of the synth and the chord progression are completely moving by itself. I dare anyone to listen to the song without feeling some type of emotion. A brilliant example of making an entire song out-of-the-box, completely original, and heavy on simple piano progression, yet so powerful.

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