In review: ‘Zaida’ by Pablo and the Appleheads

Pablo and the Appleheads are a six piece band from Barcelona, influenced by such bands as The Beatles, Oasis and The Kooks, to name just a few. However, their newest song ‘Zaida’ has a definite resemblance to Iggy Pop’s ‘The Passenger’.

At the beginning of the song the four chord foundation coupled with the plucky acoustic guitar is what the listener hooks onto first: It’s engaging and fun and you want to see where Pablo and the Appleheads take the song. Even before the vocals come into the frame, you know it’s going to be a real storyteller of a track, which turns out to be the case. The different layers of acoustic guitars give it a a little country feel while the tambourines and clapping add to the upbeat nature of the tune. But what adds the most depth is the catchy riff from the bass guitar, forcing you to tap along.

Pablo’s vocals are unique and edgy, possibly comparable to Liam Gallagher and the vocal melody is easy to follow; it’s impossible not to sing along once you know the words, especially the chorus. The lyrics have a darker undertone which contrasts the overall  feel of the song but this is what makes ‘Zaida’ refreshing and stand out from the crowd.  An acoustic guitar solo at the end ensures the song goes out blazing.

All these components aren’t the only thing that make this song successful. A glossy and professional music video pushes this track to be able to contend with popular songs already in the mainstream with slow motion shots and intriguing lighting achieving quality cinematography which help to tell the story set out in the lyrics. The ending is mysterious, leaving us to solve unanswered questions ourselves.

With their new album ‘Alessandra’ set to drop on the 31st of August, Pablo and the Appleheads are definitely a band to look out for this summer. You do not want to miss them.

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Words by Tamika Green

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