Track preview: ‘Shell Suit’ by Short Sharp Scratch

Despite the name ‘Short Sharp Scratch’, after listening to the tunes of the modern artist, you will be left feeling a very long lasting, smooth vibe. Jak Chantler who has come from rock roots, is trying to break away and find his niche within today’s contemporary and varied age of music. Mixing rock, pop, funk and soul has been done before- but not like this.

“Shell Suit” is a very diverse song, would I listen to it on a Sunday morning cooking breakfast? Yes. Would I listen to it in a 21st century nightclub on a Friday night? Yes, I would. Although it is a very upbeat, catchy song, I feel as though it will definitely hit home and be quite nostalgic to some people. The song written by the talented Jak Chantler, holds a very retro feel to it, yet it is also scarily modern. I have heard two versions of the song, the studio version which is lively, funky and will certainly get your feet tapping, and then I heard the stripped back, melodic version recorded live at Abbey Road Studios. Both versions are fantastic but there is something so hard hitting about the stripped back version showing the musicality of Short Sharp Scratch. You can feel his passion, love and knowledge of music in the way his fingers move across the fretboard, while it sings the soulful tune.

Chantler’s goal is to create ‘era-defining, positive tunes’ and I would say that he has 100% achieved this with ‘Shell Suit’ by offering a little something for everyone. I would certainly recommend that everybody, no matter what age you are or what genre of music you like, have a listen to ‘Shell Suit’ when it’s out, you will not be disappointed!

‘Shell Suit’ is out 15th September, until then click below to check out more on Short Sharp Scratch.



Words by Holly Jean

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