‘Why Did I Lose You’ by Neethusha

Neethusha’s path was already mapped out, as she confessed her Indian upbringing and pressures from society could’ve hindered her journey, but it was her inner drive and determination to avoid letting the opportunity slip that has formed this free-spirited singer-songwriter.

However this isn’t Neethusha’s first jaunt into the music industry, she was lead singer with band StereoGrind, appearing on Kappa TV in her Kerala hometown. In the past she has performed at shows such as Facebook India Party and Femina Style Diva, South India in 2015 and since the band split has played solo gigs around the country including Elle Carnival in 2016.

She draws inspiration from a myriad of prolific artist’s which has inspired her open minded music. These include Savage Garden and Coldplay to powerful vocal performers like Shania Twain and Celine Dion, which would explain her aim to create music from a variety of genres such as funk, rock and acoustic-led pop.









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