Tiffani Juno: Go Hard EP

The winner of Sony/ATV’s song-writing competition is back with her new EP, ‘Go Hard’. Electro-soul singer-songwriter Tiffani Juno, inspired unusually by hit female singers in the 60s, has made a come-back into the music industry, releasing her new, thought-provoking solo EP, projecting her emotions and earlier struggles before starting life at university.

Tiffani is a London-based artist, having been successful in her earlier years after winning Sony/ATV’s song-writing competition whilst still at college. She has since contributed backing vocals to Iggy Azalea’s album and worked with some fantastic artists such as Shy FX, and great producers such as Gorgon City and Balistiq.

Tiffani expresses her EP as “reflective of my love of UK bass and electronic music but you can hear elements of reggae, dub(step), jungle and dnb too”, conveying her passion to create music hybrids and change perceptions of these styles in the music world.

The beat in each song provides an easy flow and the addition of synthesised sounds brings something a little different to the table, making Tiffani’s EP magnificently individual and effortless to listen to.

Her lyrics are intriguing and her captivating vocals are not to be missed, particularly on the upcoming single ‘Think About It’. These mix with swathes of electronic tendencies that blend something old and something new, offering a different form of music to her audience and enthralling them with the EP’s highly progressive nature.

‘Go Hard’ is out on August 18th. Find out more on Tiffani below:






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