‘Swingin’ Like I’m Bowie’: the new psych-infused single from Pluto Jonze

What can only be described as a lively psych-pop offering dedicated to David Bowie after his death last year, Pluto Jonze, the Australian singer-songwriter has created a catchy toe-tapping tune alongside a trippy, psychedelic music video, inspired by Bowie’s visuals for the classic track ‘Let’s Dance’. The single ‘Swingin’ Like I’m Bowie’, ensures that the legend’s art lives on through new music, expressed colourfully and enthusiastically by Jonze.

His influences however are not restricted to just Bowie, with his song-writing also taking inspiration from The Beatles and Beck too, and it is this amalgamation of styles that power his psych-pop vibes, built on a foundation of catchy hooks and melodies and enticing lyrics which are accompanied by a strong and prodigious beat. The energetic and dynamic music video gives life to the Australian outback, providing the perfect environment for Jonze’s trippy, wave-filled music.

The melody is driven by impressive guitars and rock-inspired vocals which are complemented by expressive synths and Avant-garde features displaying Jonze’s individual approach to creating his music, emphasised by the unusual Theremin applied in the bridge. All of this creates an enticing track that engages a wide, global audience with it’s fluid hybrid nature. You won’t be disappointed.

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