‘Caving’ by Ciqala

With a sound comparable to Evanescence or some of Linkin Park’s material, Israelis artist and singer-songwriter Yafit Rahamim-Fleisher, has brought her latest project, Ciqala, to the world with the release of the new single, ‘Caving’.

‘Caving’ is a dark, brooding track built on evocative soundscapes and driven by Ciqala’s clean, pure vocals which set themselves in contrast to the electro alt-rock sound of the instrumentation.

Despite the sound that Fleisher has formed alongside producer, Shai Pelled, who she teamed up with on the track, the talented artist takes inspiration from the likes of Pulp, Blur and Suede.

Interestingly, the name Ciqala is taken from a translation in the Native American language of Lakota, meaning ‘little one’. However, there is nothing little about Ciqala’s sound which blends bass-heavy electronica with rock to create a style that oozes class and quality production values.

Although this is Ciqala’s debut single, the talented artist is no stranger to the music industry, having previously performed under the moniker of Y-Fi where her music was labelled as ‘an electronic journey into the human soul’. Consequently, one can see where Ciqala finds her electro tendencies and these play a significant role in forming her eclectic and innovative sound.




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