Elsiane release ‘Death Of The Artist’, after being signed to a major label

Alternative group Elsiane return with ‘Death Of The Artist’, to be released April 21st, after performing in Cirque Du Soleil and collaborating with Olivier Deufour on Quebec City’s 400th Anniversary celebration.

The Montreal duo aren’t your typical band, with polar opposite musical and cultural backgrounds. Singer/composer/musician Elsieanne Caplette met drummer Stephane Sotto in 2000 in Montreal but even though Sotto has a self taught, instinctive nature and Caplette has more of a classically trained background, the duo hit it off immediately, forming Elsiane.

Despite the couple splitting, putting the future of the group in jeopardy they have come back with this breathtaking new album ‘Death Of The Artist’ featuring lead single ‘Unstable’ proving how tenacious they are.

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