The New EP from Edward Abela

Warner-Chappell musician and producer, Edward Abela, has found the time in between his work to record his new EP, Echoes, which allows listeners to explore the ambient space created by the talented artist and his piano.

Multi-instrumentalist Edward was aware from a young age that he wanted to be involved with classical music. Through every piece he makes, he aims to tell a story; a fundamental ethos of Abela’s songwriting process.

Taken from the EP, ‘Stella Maris’ is a gently inquisitive piece that immediately sparks the imagination of any listener; a testament to Edward’s storytelling abilities. Whilst the piano is always the centre piece for Abela, he employs subtle beats and sound effects that perfectly complement the emotion of each piece. String sections enter on top too, only further reinforcing the beautiful filmic nature of the pianist’s sound.

This is one of the most commendable things about Edward’s music; the way in which you can immediately imagine a scene in a film that it would work well with. This shows that not only is Abela a supremely gifted composer, but he is able to transcend senses through his music, tapping into sight and imagination as well as the ears.

Despite his affinity with the classical genre, Edward’s ability in playing a number of instruments has seen him work within other styles too, including Bee Bakare’s soul infused EP which reached no.2 on the Reverb Nation Charts. As well as this, Edward has also performed for a David Bowie memorial gig at Union Chapel.

If you love your classical music but are getting tired of the same old composers, then take a listen to Edward Abela who is making the genre more contemporary and accessible through his innovative production methods and beautiful playing style.

Echoes is out 28th February.



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