An Interview With: Glenn Harrold

Diagnosis got up close and personal with self-help author/ hypnotherapist-come-musician, Glenn Harrold.

Tell us a little bit about where you’re from?

I was born in Balham, London and grew up in Orpington, Kent. I went to school in Bromley when the punk scene was emerging.

How has your location affected your music?

The punk scene in 76/77 changed everything in music and I was lucky enough to be at the epicentre in Bromley and South London. I was expelled from school at 15 and had the full punk look, green hair, bondage trousers, dog collar, safety pins and the rest. I hung out with the punks in Bromley and went to see many great bands of the day like the Clash, The Damned, The Buzzcocks and many more. The DIY attitude of punk inspired me to put a band together but the fact the punk bands of the day got covered in spit from the audience put me off. However, I eventually started a band called The Vagrants in 1978. We later morphed into the Sugar Ray Five and in 1983 we won £10,000 in the BBC1 national Battle of the Bands. Paul Weller came to see us and Paul Gambaccini raved about us. We were then signed to a major label, released a couple of singles and appeared on various TV shows, but our all too brief taste of success came and went like Halley’s Comet.

What genre would you describe your music as?

Nowadays, I would say I write typical singer-songwriter type songs. Hard to define a category as my songs are quite an eclectic mix.

What are you listening to? What are your influences?

My influences are The Beatles, Punk, Talk Talk, The Lightening Seeds, James. The last album I bought was by Rhodes as I loved the songs and the atmosphere he creates.

Where can we see you play?

I am living in Spain so promoting my songs from afar. If I feel the audiences are there I may well put a band together at some point and tour in the UK.

Are there any evocative personal experiences that come through in your music?

Yeah, a few years ago I had some incredibly deep experiences with Ayahuasca which is an ancient South American ceremony that takes you on a journey beyond your ego and into your inner spiritual realms. Ayahuasca is the combination of a vine and plant mixed together to create a brew that is consumed in a ceremonial setting. Taking Ayahuasca in a sacred setting propels you on an amazing journey where you experience and visit higher spiritual dimensions. It is also likely that you will journey into your past and even your past lives. Ayahuasca shows you your shadow self and illuminates the darkness inside you. It can be a tough journey and not for the feint hearted as when the darkness inside you is illuminated you will purge and literally be physically sick.

Each ceremony I experienced was different but they were always enlightening and cathartic. Ayahuasca helped me see deep inside myself and clear blocks I didn’t know existed. It has helped me to make purer meditation recordings and also write songs much more easily.

What’s next?

I have a song called ‘Fading Photograph’ that I am releasing in Spring which is a big commercial ballad. I am hoping it can make some good sales as it has a lot of potential.



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