James Kennedy pours his heart into ‘Home’ after a period of deep depression


After touring Europe with his alternative rock group Kyshera supporting the Stereophonics , James Kennedy fell into a deep depression, which inspired him to release his first proper solo release ‘Home’.

Kennedy had serious hearing problems as a child, resulting in 3 major surgeries and the fear of permanent hearing loss always present. This led to his school life being interrupted, developing his ability for self learning, which he applied to learning guitar, vocals, piano, bass and music production. The entirely self taught musician was soon accepted to Welsh College of Music & Drama where he developed his skills further, before working in a recording studio, which he used to form his own label Konic Records.

Titled the 32nd sexiest man in Wales, James Kennedy doesn’t just have soulful raspy vocals and a dynamic performance style. Drawing similarities with Prince, The Script and Paolo Nutini, ‘Home’ reflects Kennedy’s journey of depression from dark to light.

Watch the music video for ‘Unconditional’ here:










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