‘I Belong In Hell’: The Enchanting New Single From Jodie H. Dunn

Jodie H. Dunn is a name you may not have heard of yet, but you’re sure to soon in the coming future. With a maturity in her level of songwriting  and a voice that both pleases and astounds, Jodie is on the way up with her first professionally produced track, ‘I Belong In Hell’.

Jodie found her time at school difficult due to her being bullied, both in the flesh and online via social media platforms, but she has managed to put these scarring experiences behind her by using them as material for her heartfelt songs.

Singing was always a passion for Jodie, even from her early years when she would sing in the playground and in the garden. As she grew older, she self-taught herself a bit of piano that would help her with her songwriting process.

Unfortunately, Jodie later encountered more problems on her musical journey with an unknown label who gave her major issues, but now she has teamed up with Andy Whitmore to produce ‘I Belong In Hell’, who has also worked with Elton John, Peter Andre and Danni Minogue.

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