‘Face Like Thunder’ by The Japanese House

The Japanese House is the musical moniker of singer songwriter Amber Bain and she has recently released her beautifully evocative new track, ‘Face Like Thunder’.

There’s a tonne of musical influences hiding under the various layers of Amber’s music but she still manages to maintain an individual style within the genre of indie-pop. Some may find similarities to Sharon Van Etten’s vocal qualities in the track, yet the chorus doesn’t sound a million miles away from something by Indie-pop big boys, The 1975.

Whilst some have labelled Amber’s voice as quite masculine, she has noted that the androgyny in her voice is a good thing as it allows people to focus on the sound qualities of the music rather than the person who is singing it.

‘Face Like Thunder’ is also accompanied by a visually beautiful music video that’s definitely worth a watch just for the cinematics, let alone Amber’s stunning musicianship.

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