Liverpudlian Lasso Moon release debut single ‘Kimota Codeine’

Merging two major Liverpudlian bands Broken Men and Sankofa, the new alternative rock group Lasso Moon was formed. The group are releasing their debut single ‘Kimota Codeine’, a love song to the drug codeine exploring the theme of transformation.

Lasso Moon take influence from artists such as Pixies, Sonic Youth and Nick Cave but the Liverpool lads want to bring out the honesty in their music and do so by having a minimalistic sound. This minimal style is mirrored in their homemade music video, which took inspiration from Jim Jarmusch’s ‘Down By Law’. The film was shot in black and white with one static shot, which Lasso Moon copied to keep it as raw as possible.

With a modern guitar sound mixing elements of hard rock, grunge and punk, Lasso Moon have a style like no other. The impressive debut ‘Kimota Codeine’ follows the idea of how the drug numbs the stress of modern life so we search for a constant distraction.



Watch the music video for ‘Kimota Codeine’ here:



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