Nancy Black returns with ‘Dirty Little Bass’ EP written in a time of euphoria

After going through heartbreak when she separated from her girlfriend, Nancy Black found herself writing music in a strange moment of euphoria. She used the messy breakup to grow as a person and formed the feisty pop EP ‘Dirty Little Bass’.

Having gained support from Major Lazor and working with artists such as Young Rob and Lonzo Star, Black’s EP has been in demand for some time now. Black started making music at the young age of 13 and soon formed the all girl rock band Pink Lemons. However Nancy gained the confidence to go solo and started her journey of self discovery, exploring different genres of music. She soon found her feet and created her own unique blend of pop and killer dance beats, which is represented in ‘Dirty Little Bass’.

Watch the music video for ‘Dirty Little Bass’ here:



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