Jazz Mino releases the fabulous video for ‘Hurt’

hurt‘Hurt’ by Jazz Mino, is raw and emotional, Jazz Mino lets you into her world and really opens up, showing that not everything is always rosy.

Jazz said about ‘Hurt’ that “Hurt is by far the most honest and difficult song that I’ve ever written, and the closest to my heart. Many see me as a happy and positive artist, so initially I was hesitant about releasing my true feelings; but everybody goes through extremely difficult times and to cut out such a devastating time of my life, and pretend that losing somebody so close to me has had no effect; would be a false and dishonest reflection on my life”.

Check the video for ‘Hurt’ below:


Losing someone close to you is always hard, it is a beautifully written song and enables you to get an insight into the usually bubbly artist’s life, compared to other releases this is something a little different and I like it, I have been following Jazz for a while, she is also a busker, although I’ve never caught her busking just yet, I’m going to keep my eyes peeled on her twitter to see where she next busks, I just really want to see her perform live.


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