The 109’s deliver white-knuckle 12 track album


Hampshire based four-piece, The 109’s are here to put riffs back where they belong, they have taken everything good about Zepplin, Sabbath, Royal Blood, AC/DC, Iron Maiden, MC5, The Stooges, Soundgarden and The Black Keys, and distilled from it a 100-percent-proof moonshine-mash that is all their own.

They have been described as “High octane blues rock – very much my thing! Now I just need to see you do it live some time!” – by award winning crime novelist, Ian Rankin… Now you may think it’s odd that a crime novelist is commenting on a rock album but it’s not as odd as it seems, lead guitarist Matty is an author and member of the UK Crime Writers Association. He has published three novels in the UK to date – Scarecrow, Broken Arrow and Werewolf –  under the name Matthew Pritchard, and was nominated for the CWA’s Gold Dagger Award.

Now let’s get to the music, I am not really a rock fan, so this is a completely honest opinion, and I have to say, I really enjoyed the album, it’s heavy, with guitar solos and riff’s and amazing rhythmic sounds.

The 109’s have an original and suprising song arrangement meaning every song sounds different and it is enjoyable, it is no way or form repetitive so makes for good listening. It’s not very often I listen to an album in full but with this album, I didn’t skip a track, I thoroughly enjoyed listening to it in full.

A song I would recommend checking out ‘No Shame’ – I really enjoyed this track, you can stream the whole album below:


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