Corlyx master the art of dark pop with alluring debut single ‘Starlet’


Corlyx are taking electro music to a completely new level, melting beautifully arranged pop melodies and glamour with an affection towards the grotesque. The singer-songwriter duo Brandon Ashley and Caitlin Stokes have created a unique sound of their own which has been praised by people such as Chris Pitman of Guns’n’Roses who recently shared their music on his facebook page . The project is a collaboration of two experienced musicians who have both had a long history of dealing with personal tragedies through creating their own cosmos of musical enlightenment.

Corlyx’ first single release ‘Starlet’ is a powerful track that combines different musical influences and backgrounds of the two band members ranging from electro/goth to industrial rock while at the same time underlined by harmonies and enticing vocals. The song draws on the band’s experience with Los Angeles and a lifestyle which leads many young girls to sell their souls for fame.

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The band’s history is as unique as their sound. American singer Caitlin and Italian born songwriter Brandon both have had traumatic experiences from an early age on. Caitlin’s story has been shaped by drug abuse and divorce dramas in her family and ultimately a condition she has been suffering from called Marfan Syndrome, an illness that causes severe deformities in the spine, which forced her to undergo a life threatening surgery at the age of 14. Having been mentally distressed from the painful process and the physical changes the procedure brought along, Caitlin has sought an escape into music saying that “music has always been the soundtrack to my life and the outlet to my sorrow. It’s about forgiving those who abandoned me and how to accept yourself, all the flaws, the deformities. My scars are my biggest inspiration for me to this day. I was a fighter and always will be.”

She eventually moved to LA and worked as a surgical assistant for many years until she met the love of her life, Brandon who himself knows the trouble of a tormented youth after his parents divorced and his dad died when he was only 18. He remembers skipping school and sitting in the park to read Schopenhauer and drink alcohol as a way of dealing with anger and emotional trauma. Brandon decided to be a rock star after he first saw Bowie on TV at the age of 12. He’s had a taste of rock stardom while with his first band Brandon Ashley & The Silverbugs and eventually moved to LA to start a successful club night. He describes meeting Caitlin as ‘magnetic’ and things started falling into place when the two formed Corlyx over sipping coffee at Starbucks on Sunset. The band name derived from a dream Caitlin had at the age of 16.

The formation of Corlyx marks a shift in Caitlin and Brandon’s life. Caitlin quit her job after 12 years, cashed out her retirement fund and the couple moved to Italy to realise their dream. Brandon explains: “With our mutual love of multiple styles of music yet heavily influenced by electronic and industrial rock, the goal for our sound was to mix these elements including the fusion of dramatic pop vocals, creating something unique, a genre we call ‘dark pop’.”

The single ‘Starlet’ out on 5th February 2016 and available to pre-order now via:


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