Beverly Girl – Interview

Tell us a little bit about where youre from?

All three of us hail from Helsinki, Finland.

How has your location affected your music?

Actually, we don’t think it has affected that much at all. We’ve always been sort of an oddball of a group amongst the live scene here in Finland. Most local bands usually play either heavy metal, or jangly indie pop with lots of guitars. Part of our whole concept has been to aim for an international sound.

What genre would you describe your music as?

We are a powerhouse new groove act playing electronic glam funk music. <3 💋

What are you listening too? What are your influences?

We all have a bit different musical tastes – as a group we don’t share a lot of favourite artists. Johanna is our R&B diva, while Artur enjoys his funk also with a more experimental edge. Tuomas is a pretty strict heavy metal warrior.

Hmm – if we had to name some bands…. A few English groups we’ve listened to include Loose Ends, 52nd Street, I-Level etc. Too many to mention really, as there’s so much good music out there!

Where can we see you play?

At this moment we’re performing at clubs and events around Finland. Hopefully we’ll be able to expand soon though – maybe we’ll get a chance to tour in the UK in the near future!

Are there any evocative personal experiences that come through in your music?

We all have an art school background, which in our opinion has definitely loosened up our approach to making music and performing. We have always wanted to sound a little different from the rest, and we are constantly aiming for that.

Also – Artur is a frequent visitor to New York, where he usually spends 2-3 months per year playing and networking. He originally went there to find some of the old funk guitar players he’s been listening to, and he actually got to know most of them! It would probably be pretty safe to say that NY is somewhat a musical home for us (instead of Finland, haha!).

Tell us about your live setup?

A singer, keyboard player and a guitar player – that’s three Beverly Girls altogether. We wanted to go for something a bit different, so we forgot about getting a drum and a bass player and replaced them with a drum machine and a bass synth. Lots of stage lighting, subwoofers and smoke as well to give the audience a 100% BG experience.

What’s next?

At the moment we are tracking our next single, and getting ready to release a second music video in November. We’ve had discussions with a couple of labels and managers about our future releases, but haven’t signed anything yet. So, quite a lot of stuff going on actually – let’s hope we’ll make it in the UK soon!


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