Independent UK Film receives California premiere alongside Oscar hopefuls.

“A Dozen Summers”, an independently-produced low-budget children’s comedy, has been selected to screen at the 38th edition of the prestigious Mill Valley Film Festival in Mill Valley, California.
The festival, which opens with a screening of Tom Hooper’s The Danish Girl starring Eddie Redmayne and closes with a screening of “Suffragette” directed by Sarah Gavron, is considered an important date in the film festival calendar, and has an enviable track record for selecting Academy Award-winning films.
“A Dozen Summers” is a British children’s comedy, written and directed by Kenton Hall and produced by Alexzandra Jackson, has been selected to screen as part of its “Children’s Filmfest”. It is also part of the festival’s “Mind the Gap” stream which celebrates films written, directed or produced by women, and which tell strong female-led stories.
The film stars, amongst others, former Doctor Who star Colin Baker and British comedy actor Ewen MacIntosh (The Office) alongside a cast of up-and-coming young actors, led by Scarlet and Hero Hall.
It tells the story of 12-year-old twin sisters Maisie and Daisy who hijack a traditional children’s film to tell their own story, using all of the film and TV references at their disposal.
Director Kenton Hall: “We’re absolutely thrilled to have been selected for Mill Valley Film Festival. For a small film like ours to be screening amongst some of the greatest films from around the world is just mind-blowingly. I could not be more proud of the entire cast & crew who worked tirelessly on an incredibly low budget to deliver what we hope is something which speaks to children and adults alike.”
A Dozen Summers screens at Mill Valley on October 10th and October 18th.

About “A Dozen Summers”
A Dozen Summers is a co-production of Monkey Basket Films & Poppy Jack Productions, in association with Seven/Five Productions and Hathi Productions. It is written and directed by Kenton Hall, produced by Alexzandra Jackson and Kenton Hall and stars Scarlet Hall, Hero Hall, Colin Baker (Doctor Who), Ewen MacIntosh (The Office), Sarah Warren (M.L.E.) and Kenton Hall (The Honourable Rebel, Les Miserables, Father to Fall).

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