The fantastic new album DESERT TELEVISION by La Nuit out on August 28th

The  way in which La Nuit use instruments  alone (rhodes, pump organ, synthesizers, nylon guitar, etc.) as their only musical tools carries us on an entrancing, hypnotic journey of wander and intrigue. Imagination drains improvisation, and suddenly, in the middle of these notes, words, appear, you don’t know from where, but they appear to shine and turn to little gems made of voices and whispers.

The whole album could be read as five versions of the same story, like in Akira Kurosawa’s film ‘Rashomon’. 1: Feu Pale (Pale Fire in French) which takes it name from a Vladimir Nabokov novel, and sounds like an echo lost in a desert  garden of stones.

2: Road Snakes is a more rhythmic and electronic track, involving suspense, acceleration and wheels in the dust.

3: Blind Sights Of The Diamond is a meditative mantra, the centre of a spiral drawn in the sand.

4: The Blue Path is a clearing in the forest, a fantasy for strings and voice. The text is from ‘Twenties Are Gone’, a little book of poetry Félicia Atkinson published with Shelter Press, written in Finland, near the arctic  circle, naming forests, colors and reveries.

5: The Sun Is Folded In Eight is wrapped in a silken bundle, the record ends in an acoustic vernacular prayer, ending the circle of this musical experience.

This is the story of DESERT TELEVISION, the only remaining episode of a lost TV show, somewhere where the sand turns itself into an ocean called… LA NUIT.

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