The Creeping Ivies announce the new video for the lead track ‘The Witch House’.

With huge support from names such as The Mad Mackerel, The Devil Has The Best Tuna, Uber Rocks Singles Club, Muzilive and The Novel Sound, the 3 piece Rock N Roll band from Glasgow, ‘The Creeping Ivies’ are going from strength to strength.  Their new ep ‘The Which House’ which is out on Sunday 16th August is yet another accomplishment for this fantastic band.  Take a look at their brilliant new video to see for yourself.

“The Creeping Ivies sound like devil worshippers performing sixties pop on new single The Witch House, so imagine Beach Boys who have just gone wrong (and therefore very, very right).”  – Supajam
“It’s little wonder that Glasgow trio The Creeping Ivies have been compared to the likes of The Cramps… they also draw influence from ’60s garage music.  It would be considered a classic 45 had it been released in 1965.”  – Sounds XP  
“The guitar sounds as complex as Johnny Thunders, the backbone of The Cramps, the speed of the Ramones and the urgency of Patti Smith. They are the past mixed with something you’ve never heard before.  The Creeping Ivies are loud, stylish and effortlessly wonderful.” – Gypsy Death and You

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