How To Keep Our Dogs The Right Temperature In Winter – Top Tips

So now winter is coming and we start thinking about how the cold affects us and our pets, seems like a good time to ask are we overheating our dogs and how much cold can they cope with? As winter approaches and we start wrapping up many of us are tempted to treat our dogs in just the same way, but is this always necessary and can we overdo it? When is it even too cold to take your dog out for a walk and what to do if it is too cold or wet and yet of course they need to do their business and have exercise?

At dog charity, Yellow Dog they are only too aware of how different all dogs can be and this is especially relevant when considering a dogs temperature. Every dog has different characters and then different needs. Naturally different breeds have different circumstances, Labradors, Alsatians and the obvious like Huskies, have great thick coats and don’t need so much winter care but others may. Also different dogs may have different sensitivities. So basically  this is a  tricky question but one we think most dog owners ask themselves at some point. So we hope this feature gives a few tips on how to deal with these questions.

Many dogs however may appreciate that extra blanket, definitely a  draft free nighttime sleeping basket, maybe a little jumper for those especially cold days. Also it is important to not leave your dog wet after a cold rainy walk. Some blankets have a reflective backing to retain just a little more heat, which can also be nice for your dog.  Make sure they are dried and warm up well when they get in. Most dogs love a play in the snow but you really do need to get those snowballs off their paw fur when they are back inside. Also important to remember that ice salt and grit could be toxic so do wipe their feet if you think you’ve walked through these kind of conditions. Maybe have shorter more frequent walks so they are not out in the cold too long.

Winter is also a time when we can let our dogs fur coats grow a little longer, remember to keep grooming but a longer coat can keep them just a little warmer.

As always take notice of your dog and how they are, naturally if they are curled up too much, shivering or whining the cold could be affecting them. Use your common sense, depending on conditions and your dogs conditions and some extra cuddles would also be a nice way to warm them up too! So enjoy the winter with your dog and have fun outside as well as fun inside warming up!

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