Steaming Ahead of the Music Scene: Yorkshire’s Own ‘Beware of Trains’ Release New Festive Single

And so it seems that the Yorkshire chamber pop pioneers Beware of Trains are once again steaming full ahead with a new release. Their latest single, “Forever Home,” will be available for digital download on Bandcamp on November 17th and streaming on all platforms on November 24th. 

Mixing and co-produced by the acclaimed Darren Allison of The Divine Comedy, this festive track rides on the coattails of their previous success, leaving listeners eagerly awaiting what this innovative duo has in store next. Comprised of Yorkshire-born singer/songwriter Leighton Jones, described by The Herald as a purveyor of “melancholic piano ballads with a meticulous approach to sound design,” and Scottish soprano Marie Claire Breen, praised by The Daily Mail as a soprano of rare fluency, Beware of Trains has been captivating audiences with their unique blend of symphonic chamber pop and music hall. 

Their mutual love for performance, musical theatre, Kate Bush, and The Divine Comedy brought them together in 2014, and they haven’t looked back since. But their origins date back even further, with LJ growing up in Oxenhope near the Keighley Worth Valley Railway and MC finding her passion for singing at just 14 years old. But it wasn’t until the two met while performing in an operatic variety show in the back of a converted articulated lorry that Beware of Trains was formed. And now, after the success of their previous singles and a sold-out Christmas concert at Bradford Cathedral, they are back with “Forever Home,” a bittersweet symphonic tale that transports listeners into a snow globe, taking them on a journey through snowy Yorkshire fields and skies. With additional keys and bass provided by multi-instrumentalist and Leeds Conservatoire lecturer Laura McIntosh, Beware of Trains’ forthcoming UK tour promises to be an enchanting experience for all. 

So hop aboard and join them on their musical journey filled with shimmering strings, heavenly harmonies, and a dollop of Disney on the side.

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