Discovering Roots: Christopher Caird Dominique’s Jazz in Scots Album Pays Tribute to Scottish Ancestry

Christopher Caird Dominique, a talented Swedish pianist and composer, is soon to release a highly anticipated album titled ‘Jazz in Scots’. This album pays tribute to his great grandfather, the renowned violinist George Caird, who served in the BBC Variety Orchestra in the mid-20th century. Through his music, Christopher aims to reconnect with his Scottish roots and honour the legacy of his musical family. 

‘Jazz in Scots’ is not just any album; it’s a beautiful journey through time. Christopher, along with his skilled collaborators Filip Runesson and Johnny Åhman, has taken inspiration from historic recordings made in Glasgow in 1945. These recordings left a lasting impression on the young musician, and he has lovingly reimagined these timeless melodies with a modern touch. 

The result is a unique fusion of jazz and traditional Scottish elements that transports the listeners to another era. To add even more magic to the album, Christopher has invited talented guest artists to join the project. The harmonica virtuoso Ola Salo and rising saxophonist Matt Carmichael have contributed their skills to create a dynamic and captivating listening experience. With such a talented team behind the scenes, ‘Jazz in Scots’ is sure to be a musical masterpiece.

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