Create an Understanding: Why Dogs Need Space

It’s June 23rd, the day when employers all around the world are encouraged to bring their furry friends to join them in the workplace for Bring Your Dog To Work Day. This, in turn, leads to some important questions: Should I select another office worker to watch over my dog while I am busy? How can I protect my dog in an unfamiliar environment? 

One of the smartest and easiest options is to make it easier for your pup – and for everyone else – by investing in the Yellow Dog Campaign. By wearing a bright yellow bandana, jacket or lead, your dog can proudly display their need for some extra space. After all, this international movement propagates creating awareness for dogs that may have issues that are invisible to the human eye such as emotional disabilities, anxiety, trauma or other rehabilitation issues that require more privacy. This subtle yet surefire way can help you keep your four-legged companion – and all the other office pooches – safe and content. 

Aside from providing tools to help with training and socialising dogs, the Yellow Dog campaign works towards ensuring that the dog’s safety and the safety of its human come first. So, if a yellow-clad pup turns up on your workplace grounds on June 23rd Take a moment before rushing in with slobbery kisses and hugs. Instead, take some time to get to know what their needs are: talk to the owner, exchange a few words, throw a ball and see how your pup reacts. That way, both dog and human can enjoy the day, leaving the worries of space and safety at the door.

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